Why Big Companies are Joining Co-working Spaces?

The co-working spaces have set a pretty good scene in India. By now the working class has recognized the potential of a co-working space and how it is not just trendy to work at a co-working space but also it is a way of working.

While the co-working spaces provided office spaces for rent to startups and freelancers, they are also expanding their reach to the big teams and companies. According to the latest figures, India comes on the second number when it comes to active independent workers aka freelancers, making India an enriching environment for co-working spaces to grow and cherish.


Let’s see why big teams are showing their interest in co-working spaces and how it can benefit them.

Brand Building- This is one of the main reasons, why big teams want to move forward towards co-working spaces as their workspace environment. As you must have realized, co-working spaces have set quite a trend in the working industry. The people don’t look at the companies as they used to look at them earlier, they would rather have a casual environment like Google, rather than a corporate environment like Tata Consultancy Services (TCS). To get that cool and hip badge to their image, they have employed some of their teams to work in a co-working space.

Weddings By Sudhakar Bichali - Hyderabad

Weddings By Sudhakar Bichali – Hyderabad

Hassle free setting up– Setting up an office in a new location takes time and energy. You have to set up an internet connection plan, then you have to look at the infrastructure and furniture, apart from that there are other things as well like kitchen, wiring, washrooms, meeting rooms, etc. After setting up all of this you have to also maintain these things. You don’t have to hassle like this in a co-working space, there are all the facilities that you would need in your office and even more. You can even start working from the day 1.


Presentation– A big company would look towards making themselves good, so while setting up a new office, they wouldn’t want to make that big of an investment, in that case a co-working space provides the perfect ambience and other well-presented facilities you would look for.


Expanding an office– When it comes to growth of a company, a company needs a space to hire and seat more people and same is the case when a company has to downsize, and they have to let go off of people, all that extra space in the office goes to waste. In a co-working space is no such problem, you just need to change your membership plan.


Building Business– In a co-working space there is plenty of opportunities for two hard working companies to meet and grow, these days a big company also looks for a passionate start to join them and a startup also looks that goodwill a good company has. A big company can also hire the right people for their firm in a more relaxed manner.


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