Wedding Flowers can be made to Look Vibrant

Flowers may need sufficient care while preserving them and when it comes to wedding day flowers, care and concern should be a bit more because no one on earth would like to get wilted or dry flowers on that special day. Colorful flowers on the wedding day can have a different appeal for the guests and can make the environment livelier but then getting fresh flowers in the city like Delhi can always be a challenge. Just sending flowers to Delhi some days prior to the big day isn’t enough and there must be certain precautions taken that can ensure flowers stay just as fresh and lively on the marriage day so that people can enjoy them at their bloom. Thankfully, there are ways to achieve it, and by carefully adhering to them, one can definitely help in maintaining flowers just as fresh and vibrant as guests would like them to be. We list here 5 tips that can help maintain that level of freshness for wedding day flowers.


  • The key lies in the selection process – Selecting flowers for that big day can be the most crucial part. When someone sends flowers to Delhi for a wedding, the key may lie in its selection. Gleaming firm buds can be chosen while selecting and apart from the buds there are also some other things that should be looked into. For instance, the foliage must be checked for freshness. They should not be wilted or withered. At the same time, mold formation and yellowness should also be looked into. The stems provide nourishment to tender buds and hence it is important that these are in proper healthy condition with no discoloration or any other type of damage. While selecting wedding day flowers, it is also important to choose the healthiest variety rather than the choicest one because they can stay quite fresh with minimum attention.
  • The vase and water can play a big part – When one sends flowers to Delhi and till the next few days until the wedding, the vase and water is the flower’s living environment and therefore it is important that proper care must be taken so that flowers can stay healthy. The vase in which they are to be kept should be thoroughly clean. It is always recommendable to clean the vase with mild soapy water or any type of certified disinfectant so that any germ that may be there can get neutralized. Thereafter, washing it inside out with hot water can eliminate any chance of contamination. For adding water, it can be beneficial to have hot water that has been cooled down so that it can act as a sanitizer to it. A food mixture and a flower preservative can also be added. After filling it with water, mixture, and preservative, flowers can be added to it, and if there is any space remaining on the top, then normal water can be poured till an inch to the brim.


  • Some steps for keeping the flowers fresh – It can be better to have wedding day flowers that are 1.5 times the height of the vase because stems may have to be cut after each day so that the flowers can stay rejuvenated. Before one sends flowers to Delhi, this aspect should be looked into. While cutting the stems, it can be beneficial to cut them at about 45 degrees so that water absorption through them takes place uniformly. Cutting it under a water source can ensure that water flows through it and there is no rush of free air that can block the water flow. It should also be done carefully with a sharp shear or a knife made for the purpose; any blunt object should be avoided that can damage the stem and the vital water flow to the flower. It is advisable to remove any decaying matter or leaf that is lower than the water level. Lastly, the water should be changed each day with the preservative and food mixture, and the stem should also be recut accordingly under a water source.
  • Slight boiling of the stem can be helpful – Though this may sound crazy searing the stem can be quite helpful in maintaining the flowers. After one sends flowers to Delhi, some small steps can be helpful. Keeping gentle warm water ready with flower preservatives in it and inserting the stem into this water can help in keeping the flowers fresh. However, before this can be done, the trimmed end of the stem can be lowered in boiling water for no more than 30 seconds followed by holding it in an open flame for just a few seconds. And after this exercise, it can be placed in water.
  • Storage is also as important – One can send flowers to Delhi for the wedding, but it is also relevant to mention here that proper storage can be crucial for them. They should be stored in a normal environment, away from excess heat or coldness, direct sunlight and any type of smoke or humidity. Even direct exposure to the heater or air conditioner should be avoided. Flowers can be very delicate items when it comes to their storage. They should not be mixed with any type of other organic materials like vegetables or fruits. The aging flowers should be separated from the fresher ones, and any dying or withering specimen should be got rid of so that the rest of them stays fresh.


Flowers sent to Delhi for a wedding purpose can be easily kept invigorated for at least a week, if not more, by following up on these tips although it may also depend upon a type of flower and many other factors. However, having colorful blooming flowers on the marriage day can simply up the glamour quotient of the environment and can also help in lifting up the moods of the guests present. The longevity purely depends upon the care that has been taken by a person in preserving them and therefore the best achievable should be done for them so that the wedding can stay a memorable event for the lifetime.



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