Top School ERPs in India

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School ERPs are fast gaining popularity in India with several products with competitive features vying for the attention of educational institutions looking to digitize their operations. As we’ve already seen, unless the objectives /purpose of School ERP implementation are clear and the expectations / requirements well defined, it may get quite difficult to decide on the right ERP.

We’ve listed out some of the best School ERPs in India and their salient features in order to give potential buyers, a bird’s eye view on what each of these products have in store.


One of the most comprehensive School ERPs, this software solution covers almost all aspects of day-to-day functioning of the educational institution.  The features cover standard admissions, attendance, and fee payments apart from addressing accounts, library, HR, inventory, vendor and database management functions. SMS and E-mail communications are supported, but Mobile access is yet to be provided. Cloud based services are also available. Pricing varies based on implementation type and number of access points.


Based on the CBSE schooling rules, SchoolPro, is yet another school management software replete with a wide array features that help with efficient administration of the institution. The centralized information system makes it possible to manage multiple campuses from a single access point. The easy to use off-the-shelf version is also flexible and can be customized based on user-specific requirements. All essential functions including library, hostel, transport and infirmary managements can be automated to the best possible extent. Cloud based services and mobile support however are not available.

Educo ERP

Educo ERP prides itself on offering a customizable, scalable, secure ERP solution at affordable prices. The features available are exhaustive spanning all normal functions like admissions, fees, inventory, HR, purchase and finance. Examination support is available for ICSE, CWA, CBSE and GPA. Features to manage Events, Alumni, Placements, Polls, Hostel and Transport are also available. Further  support for Third party apps, moderated discussion forums, Image sharing and data export (.pdf and .doc formats), and seamless integration with Tally, Google SSO, MS Azure, Google Docs, Third party APIs differentiate this offering from competition. Mobile support is available.

Pricing is based on the chosen plan – Edge (> 20 features) or Edge+ (> 50 features). Users have an option to choose the number of features they would like to invest in.


This Cloud based School ERP has been designed to support daily activities at the educational institution in a speedy and efficient manner. All standard features are available, including support for SMS alerts and event planning.  Being cloud based, it definitely ideal for small schools but the good news is that there is a free version of this software available.

The Free version of SchoolTonic however supports just 30 students and 5 staff members. Basic Version of the software can support 300 students and unlimited staff and the Advanced Version imposes no limitations on either students or staff.  The entire range of  features is accessible in all three versions of the software.


Fedena is a cloud based School ERP available in two different versions PRO and PRO PLUS priced differently based on features supported and services offered. Both these versions enable access to 18 core modules of the software. PRO PLUS, in addition to 15 Pro modules, offers 13 other higher features along with phone and SMS support, and personalized training.

Annual subscriptions can either paid one time or based on actual consumption.  Feature list is again exhaustive- HR, admissions, inventory, finance, hostel, library, fleet, event and poll managements, with additional aspects such as front office management and support for customization at the end user level. Reportedly, Fedena offers immense scope for collaborative learning via plug-ins for video conferencing and discussions.

Each of these School ERPs and several others in close competition pretty much cover all features required to efficiently manage the different functions in a typical educational institution. Apart from features, it is the visual aesthetics, ease of use and utility value that need to be ascertained before investing in a school ERP.  The requirements and expectations of all stakeholders must be kept in mind for a judicious selection of features that keeps everyone happy!

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