Top 7 Features of a Quickbook

Quickbook is a computer accounting software package which helps small and medium-sized business to handle their accounts and keeps a record of various transactions and performs various functions including payroll functions, business payments, manage and pay bills. The software is developed by Intuit. The Quickbook also offers different kinds of accounting applications and have their cloud versions as well.


Features of Quickbook-

You can organize your expenses– The way this can be done is by connecting your bank and credit card accounts. After that leave everything to Quickbooks, it will download the data and categorize the expense itself, unless you want to make changes yourself. You can plug in other apps to integrate them to your Quickbook for a seamless experience.

Shipment Tracking-The Quickbook tracks the inventory, so it knows the amount of stock remaining in the shelf and it also tracks the shipment and cost per shipment, so you know what your profit is.

Maintain Cash Flow-Through the Quickbook software you can know which client’s payment is pending and what is the amount. You can even send that data to the person who owes you, in a format through email. You can even do the same for the people you owe, and even set automatic payments, so you don’t have to take care of the due date.


Reports– You can generate performance reports through the Quickbook software, so you know how your business is performing like profit and loss, balances, etc. In dashboard overview, you can see outstanding invoices, incomes and expenses.

Portability– You can check how your business is going at the comfort of your smartphone too. So that you are up to date on everything and work from anywhere. You can even take a screenshot and link it to a transaction for easy tax prep.

Sharing– You can share the data you see with anyone of your trust like your accountant and you can also share the data with your client or your partner. You can customize the visibility they gate, so you are only showing them what needs to be shown.


Make your business look much professional – You can create and edit custom, professional invoices, estimates that reflect your business, sales receipt, add or remove your brand logo and much more. You can even add a payment option in the invoice, so the customer can pay with ease on the spot, without any hassle.

There are many other 3rd party companies too that help set your Quickbook and provide Quickbooks support too.



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