Selecting the Right Entertainer for the kids’ Party

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If you are planning to organize a party for your child’s birthday, then you do need to engage a professional entertainer who can ensure maximum fun and excitement among the little ones. But the question that you might be troubled with is what kind of entertainer will fit the specific requirements?

Entertainment for children between 1 & 3 years old

The birthday child’s age is of important consideration when organizing the party. For children of this age, the party can be kept simple. Such children are usually unpredictable and no special formula exists to choose the right type of entertainer, especially for this age group. The reason is because, children belonging to this age group do have varied temperaments and shorter attention spans.

Entertainment for children of different age group

Kids who are of the age of 9 and 12, regard themselves to be grown up. They tend to scoff at those kiddy entertainment forms that is presented before them. However, if the child’s age is between 4 and 8, then they are big enough to understand interesting tricks and funny jokes cracked at them. They will also enjoy those fun filled,  exciting interactive activities or game having plenty of movement. Therefore, it becomes crucial to take into consideration the age group of the children to attend the party to ensure it being a grand success.

Hiring clowns

Clowns are colorful, bright and can perform various types of weird and funny tricks that will make people of all ages to laugh and enjoy their acts thoroughly. But some kids may have fear of clowns or Coulrophobia, which is unfortunately a bit common, leading them to have scary experiences. For such children, instead of hiring a clown, you can hire other entertainers to carry out various types of performances and acts.


They are considered to be the most popular among all kids’ entertainers as they can do various types of vanishing tricks, which is not commonly possible for any human being. Children tend to view this act as magical and fairy tale type. The magicians can out of their hat bring out bunnies, vegetables and fruits and from their napkins bring out cards, pen and the like. They can perform colorful and bright magic like producing bouquet of flowers out of an empty vase as well as vanish things into thin air! These performances do excite people of all ages.

Children in the age bracket of 4 and 8 are the most participative and appreciative type of audience. Those between the age of 1 and 3 are extremely young to understand the magic tricks, while those between 9 and 12 only are eager to know how these tricks are performed, instead of enjoying the show. Discussing the age group and the party theme with the magician will help them  to customize their acts and to perform accordingly to win everyone’s hearts. To achieve the desired results, it will be essential to verify the experience and expertise of the magician as well as his popularity.

Birthday Science Party is best celebrated by having the right theme and with proper planning.

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