New Trends in Garment Labels

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Everyone might be aware of the latest trends taking place in India. People nowadays are updated by all the latest trends. They know what’s in fashion and what’s out of fashion and accordingly they decide what to wear and what not to wear and only because of this businesses are consequently able to place their brand to confine that picky niche bazaar by representing to consumers that their corporation uses crude fabric in their products or labeling.

A garment label is a conversationalist between the consumer and merchandise. A garment label contain different types of information of the garments, such as consumer’s name, country’s origin,  fabric’s types, types of thread, Fabric symphony, garments size, special lessons about care etc. Garment cannot be sold in the market if the label is not represented in a particular garment.

Here are some types of Garment Labels you need to keep in mind:

  1. Main Label :

Main label represents brand name and brand logo of the product or any particular thing. Brand name and brand logo is considered to be an important factor of any product because customer’s first priority while buying any garment is they first checks the brand name of that product. Which includes H&M, forever21, Zara etc? Main label is considered to have a right and good quality of any product.


  1. Sub Label :

     Sub label includes different categories of labels :

  • Heed Label: For garments heed label is considered to be most important type. Heed label helps in assuring customers about how the product has to be taken care of by representing some of the care instructions which includes : bleaching, laundering, washing, ironing etc. By keeping in mind about these instructions the garments has higher resilience.
  • Price Label : Price of garment indicates the Price label.
  • Composition Label : This label represents fabric structure and composition of any type of garments. It means during the manufacturing of a particular garment you need to take care about the  fabrication or the composition that has been represented.
  • Size Label : Size of garments are indicated by the size label. Which includes S(Small), M(medium), L(large), XL (extra large).
  • Flag Label : Flag label is attached at the bottom of any garments. It considered to e very small label that includes brand name and brand logo of the product.
  • Special Label : Special Labels are used to attract the customers and so it is advised to use special labels. Special labels includes 100% silk, 100% cotton and 100% leather etc.

Labeling adds a value to the clothing and also the charm through different and unique designs.  As labels are least interesting topic and is not discussed in public but label plays an important role in a person’s life and also in manufacturing industry. Labels thus play an important role in this garment industry as it helps for advertising positive aspects of clothing. Labeling is used to describe something or it’s basically a description of a particular thing. To display a particular information labeling  is generated by label-maker.

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