Monsoon Vacation in the Land of Coconuts

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A monsoon vacation in Kerala proves exciting and enjoyable in several ways, if you love the rains and don’t mind getting your feet wet. Exploring the land gets definitely challenging. In worst cases, flooded roads double up as excellent waterways allowing you to cruise along to reach your hotel or a local attraction!

This is in fact the best time for tourists to make the most of off-season discounts on Kerala travel packages and hotel accommodations and signup for Ayurvedic healing programs usually offered during this season. It is also great time for tourists to catch nature in action from a safe and cozy accommodation – clouded skies, claps of thunder, flash of lighting across the skies, heavy rains, coconut palms swaying in high-speed winds sweeping across the coast, angry waves lashing into the beaches, waterfalls in full glory, the entire lush surrounding washed clean, interspersed with bouts of bright sunshine.

Irrespective of whether a beach destination, hill station, backwater resort or a waterfall setting, this tryst with nature is bound to be a memorable.


Here are just a handful of places that prove great monsoon destinations in Kerala.

  • Munnar

A trip to Munnar during the monsoon offers an opportunity to better appreciate the beauty of the settings.  Spectacular expanses of green tea gardens and lush forests in the backdrop of cloudy skies and enveloped in mist is simply a dream come true. Exploring the terrain (safe hiking and trekking trails to Anamudi), watching the many colourful birds and animals, and catching a glimpse of the several cascades such as the Attukad falls, fed by the rains prove quite refreshing.

  • Wayanad

Relaxing atop a tree house with a cup of steaming coffee, gazing out at the dense vegetation doused in water is probably the best way to celebrate the monsoon in Kerala. Wayanad offers an exciting chance to experience the luxury of staying in a tree house set amidst the rainforest, observe the wildlife in natural setting, listen to birds chirping from a nearby tree, catch a glimpse of a nest closeby, and witness sheets of water falling from the clouds, only to give way to some dazzling sunlight. Guided hikes through the forest are also organized. Tourists can also attend the annual monsoon carnival “SPLASH” at Kalpetta in July to watch a spectacular display of local sports.

  • Kovalam

The calm and scenic beachfront at Kovalam is even more appealing during the monsoons.  This is infact an ideal time to pamper oneself with sunbaths, beauty care routines and body toning massages, and relax in this picturesque location. Catamaran cruises on the choppy waters and cultural performances add some excitement and colour to break the monotony.

  • Ashtamudi

Ashtamudi Lake off Kollam is yet another monsoon destination where tourists can enjoy quality time with their loved ones. This serene yet beautiful location is dotted with homestays and houseboats which enhance the holiday experience. A stroll along the banks, a boat ride, taste of fresh catch and a rejuvenating ayurvedic massage are but a few things do to when at Ashtamudi.

Night tours in the Periyar forests which house the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary and Bamboo Rafting are few adventure activities that await thrill seekers who visit Thekkady during the Monsoon Season.

Athirapally Falls is another local destination that comes alive during the monsoon. Breathtaking scenery and the thunderous waterfalls crashing on the rocks below draw a steady stream of tourists to this location. The captivating array of flora in this region proves a visual treat as well.

A boat ride across BanasuraSagar Dam, especially during the monsoon season can literally throw you off balance. Paddling the boat on the open waters against the powerful breeze that rips across the surface will sure prove a thrilling experience. Clear and calm waters make it possible for tourists to watch the tiny fish at play as they traverse the lake.

KumaraKom, Allepey, Bekal and several other destinations across Kerala each have their unique appeal during the monsoons which literally enhance the beauty of the terrain, transforming it into a riot of green, blue and yellow as the rains temporarily give way to bright sunshine, only to take control again. Monsoon Vacation in Kerala simply a great way to relax in style!

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