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Local SEO is most important aspect for small online business especially for one’s that target specific locality or region. Local SEO is not a rocket science it is SEO done for specific region. Say for example you are searching for shopping malls near you so you might want results from your city or town. Most of the people now a day’s either shop online or at least make shopping decisions after searching for specific products on the internet. Local search engine optimization can also play a significant role in B2B and B2C communication. If you have just started a local business of yours, the first thing you should do it is locally optimize your business website. Here are some of the tips that can be helpful for local optimization:


Mobile Friendly website:

Google and other search engines give a lot of importance to mobile friendly websites. Recently Google has introduced an AMP program and has updated its algorithm and given priority to mobile optimization by making it a ranking factor for websites. The reason why Google and other search engines are focusing on mobile friendliness is that in recent years, search queries made on smartphone’s have doubled than made from desktop devices. It is easy for people to carry their smartphone or tablet anywhere with them, moreover people like to interact using portable devices. Therefore it is very important that you optimize your website for both mobile and desktop users.

Voice Search:

Voice search is also becoming a trend between search engine users because people find it easier to speak a few words rather than writing long sentences. Mostly people voice search when they are driving or extremely busy with work that they don’t have any chance for typing.

Business listing:

 To obtain local search rankings, the most important tip in this regard is making ads on local business listing sites. Business listing sites are where people find local products and services. Business listings are very important for local businesses in increasing both the traffic towards the site as well as B2B connections.

User experience:

User experience is one of the key factors whether your goals are to achieve local or international rankings. Most search engines calculate and read user behavior on your website and also determine and use it as input for ranking algorithm. Google calculates bounce rate for your website, bounce rate determines how longer users are spending on your website. If traffic diverts from your website immediately to other search results bounce rate will be higher. In the result of higher bounce rate search will depreciate your rankings for that search query. Therefore create a clear and interesting layout for your blog and website and write compelling and persuading content.

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