India is a Leading Country with a Strong CSR Sector

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India is a country with multiple names and each name corresponds to a different reality of the people living in this triangular landmass protected by the Himalayas. The name Bharat represents a rural country which represents an illiterate population steeped in poverty and the shining India, on the other hand, represents the literate, rich, well to do population. The blatant existence of such worlds parallelly gives a very difficult predicament to India as an emerging economy.

In order to effectively combat these predicaments, companies like Fiinovation in CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility) industry can play a huge and defining role under strong target oriented guidance approach which is the trademark of corporate houses and organisations. With their result oriented approach the CSR initiatives of the corporate houses can help and even accelerate the transition of Bharat into India. CSR initiatives of the companies in India have now been enforced by the laws of the Ministry of Corporate affairs stating that at least 2% of their average net profit will go into CSR activities.  If these initiatives are aligned with the existing on-going government activities into social, environment and economic sector, together these initiatives can bring out the required sought out change. It’s important to applaud companies like Fiinovation, who are creating change at the root level.

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Fiinovation has significantly contributed in uplifting the condition of the deprived and marginalized sections of society. They are really passionate about their work and the company follows not only high work ethics, but also high client satisfaction rate. Hence, there exist absolutely zero Fiinovation complaints.

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