Getting To Know About Personal Loans

Personal loan is a type of an unsecured loan which helps one to meet its current financial requirements, it is considered to be the solution for your instant cash and can also be used for purposes such as wedding, medical emergency, traveling and many more. For a personal loan you don’t need any kind of security or any collateral while availing it. Personal loan gives you the suppleness to use the funds as per once need and convenience

It is simpler to get a personal loan when a person is a salaried individual. The customer profile and the relationship with financial institution is the element which decides the minimum salary requirements and the also the maximum personal loan amount offered.


To get a personal loan the person should be in between the age group of 25-58years. The should be a salaried employee and the net monthly income should be of an average of 35,000 which can vary on basis of the location and employer.

How to Apply?

The simplest way to get a personal loan is to easily apply online for the loan and the online procedure is done of filling the personal loan online application form, the representatives from the NBFC or banks collects the necessary documents by visiting you, once the loan is verified the loan amount is credited in your account. Apart from this there is always an option to visit the branch or SMS or call and get the agents to attend you at your place at the time convenient to you.

Interest Rate for a personal loan:

Personal loan offers interest rate based on your salary, amount being borrowed and the credit history. The lowest interest rate of personal loan starts at 12.75% onwards. And additional fee would be charged for processing fee, Penal Interest and secure fee.

There are many banks offering personal loans but the HDFC personal loan is different and comes with the following advantages and criteria:



  • It requires Address proof with the copy of voter ID card/passport/ driving license/Aadhaar
  • It requires Bank statement of previous 3 months along with the Passbook of previous 6 months
  • It requires Identity proof with the copy of passport/driving license/ voter ID card /Aadhaar
  • It requires current dated salary and latest salary slip along with the  certificate of the latest Form 16


  • Quick Eligibility Check & Disbursal:

HDFC personal loan online apply can be done by checking your eligibility online or can select the branches in 60 second.  Once the papers are submitted, then the loan will be expended in one working day.

  • Convenient Borrowing:

Regarding any help or quires you can contact the bank by SMS, Web chat, Phone banking, Click2Talk.

  • Fulfill your every need:

 HDFC Bank can modify a Personal Loan for you. Existing account holders in the HDFC bank can avail of the special offers by the bank, charges and interest rates. Customers of First-time Loan also avail of a mass of benefits.

  • Stay Protected:

Critical Illness cover of up to Rs. 1 lakh. The premium for these policies will be subtracted from the loan amount at disbursal. For a nominal premium you can get a benefit of Personal Accident up to Rs. 8 lakhs.


     Therefore, the above mentioned advantages are the reasons of as to why one should opt for HDFC personal  loan.

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