Delicate Items That You Should Not Pack Yourself

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Home relocation can be exciting but packing is always tiring and tedious. Packing is tiring because it is very difficult to pack all the items of different size and shapes. Actually, packing odd shaped and fragile items is the most difficult aspect of the moving procedure because they need a lot of care from handling to packing till moving and unpacking. Just a little mistake or negligence in packing or moving  can break or smash your valuable item. This is why it is suggested to hire professional packers for packing fragile items. Some moving companies such as a leading company known for best house removals bromley provides packing services as optional for the customer ease. They professionally pack and wrap all the delicate items, ensuring their security during a house move. So, it is always a good option to hire professional packers for handling and packing your delicate items. Here is the list of some fragile items for which it is better to ask moving companies for packing instead of packing yourself.


The precious artwork including paintings, sculptures and statues are delicate items that require the highest level of care when it comes to packing and moving. These items can be damaged easily, even with a little jerk or force. So, it is better to hire a professional artwork packer for this purpose. Some packing and moving firms have an efficient team of artwork packing experts. They provide expert services as optional. It means if anyone doesn’t want to hire them for full service then you can just ask for packing the artworks.

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A piano is very difficult to move because the odd shaped object needs specialist moving equipment as well as utmost care for safe packing and moving. This is why the piano lovers prefer to hire professional piano movers to do the work for them. However, hire a professional piano moving company who has piano moving experts because not every company offering piano moving services has experienced packers and movers.

Glass Coffee Table

Mostly the coffee tables or dining tables have heavy glass top. It is difficult to pack and move a fragile table top without any crack or damage. Therefore, such tables or items must be disassembled first and then packed properly for smooth shifting. So, hiring experts for this work is a good option. Hire professional packing company as they have experienced packing teams. They expertly pack and move the delicate table top safely after disassembling. Ask a leading house removals battersea company such as a company known for best house removals tunbridge for packing your glass coffee table and get a custom quote.


Electronic Appliances

All the electronics including LED, computers, laptop, stereo systems, Washing Machines, Dryers, fridge, refrigerator and all the kitchen appliances are the fragile items that need proper disassembling and expert packing.  Make sure to handle and pack them with utmost care. The best option is to hire professional packing company. They go through the manufacturer guide and then disconnect, disassemble, pack and move electronics according to the instruction to ensure the safety.

Crystals And Antiques

Both crystals and antiques are the delicate items that hold an emotional importance. The experienced packers better know how to handle and pack such fragile items to avoid any damage during the entire move. It is suggested to choose right and experienced packers after a thorough research. Some reputed companies also offer insurance for fragile and antique items. So, it is better to buy the right insurance to ensure the safety of your valuables or otherwise you’ll get compensation if any damage occurs.

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