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Kashmir is an eternal paradise and a source of pure joy to visitors throughout the year. While it offers a pleasant respite from scorching summer heat elsewhere in the country, it can test the endurance of the most seasoned adventure seeker during peak winters. Special occasions such as Saffron Festival or the Annual Amarnath Pilgrimage also see an influx of tourists into Kashmir.  The best time or season to visit Kashmir depends more on personal preferences in terms of climate and travel objectives.

Getting to know the local climate in better detail can help you choose the right one from among the several Kashmir Tour Packages available.

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Weather Conditions in Kashmir

Local weather across the terrain is largely dependent on the different seasons and the altitudes of tourist destinations.


Spring lasting from March to May is the most pleasant time for visitors to fully enjoy the natural beauty of the land.  Day temperatures remain mild while nights may still be cold.  An occasional light showers, gentle breeze, and onset of the flowering season offer a visual feast to travellers interested in exploring the scenery.  Thawing snow, vast expanse of greenery interspersed with colourful flowers abloom make the trip comfortable and enjoyable.  Kashmir Tour Packages usually cover the several gardens and picturesque valleys in the region. The largest Tulip garden in Asia at Srinagar is at its colourful best in April, with the Tulip festival celebrated during the first fortnight.


Summer is a great time for travellers to check out scenic locations that are otherwise inaccessible during the winter. While day temperatures may be warm, you may still need shawls or sweaters to tide through dusk and dawn. Pahalgam is a cool, colorful haven during the summer. A visit to Kashmir is indeed incomplete without a Shikara ride on the Dal Lake, where houseboats, vegetable patches, floating shops and the local fishermen, all share the waterscape. What best time other than summer for a boat ride on the Dal?


September heralds the onset of Autumn, yet another beautiful season with favourable climate to lose oneself in a riot of color, this time a blend of ochre, gold, copper and red.  The weather conditions last until November before chill sets in.  Rains may however play truant at this time of the year.


December to March is the time when the entire valley is blanketed in snow. Temperatures are extremely low and there’s absolutely nothing to do except indulge in skiing or skating at Gulmarg, Pahalgam and other ski destinations. Planning a trip in March can help you catch the best of both seasons; Winter and Spring.

Again depending on how well you can adapt to the predominantly cool climatic conditions, tourist spots you wish to explore, and adventure activities you wish to indulge in, shortlist suitable Kashmir Tourism Packages and choose your pick from the lot.

Offseason Kashmir Tourism Packages

Given the fact that Kashmir is an all-season destination, it is quite difficult to arrive at an off-season.  However September reportedly has a lesser number of local tourists visiting Kashmir primarily because of the onset of rains.  Come September, it is time for the Festive season in India and people hardly plan visits then.  Winter too has very few adventure seekers checking in to hone and showcase their skiing skills. These in fact could be the right times to compare and bargain for the best deals, in case you are willing to brave the rains or extreme temperatures. Tour operators do come up with Kashmir Tourism Packages to coincide with specific events that enable travellers to experience several tourist specific attractions during their trip.

Winter renders the entire terrain white, cold and sterile. For the rest of the year Kashmir is alive, colourful and eventful as well. Feel free to decide when you would like to drop in! In case you plan to visit Kashmir during spring or summer, do make your travel plans well ahead to ensure you have the best deals.

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