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What Is Lean Manufacturing and Benefits?

Lean manufacturing is essentially a business philosophy aimed at continuously improving business processes by eliminating waste in an incremental manner. Identifying and trimming down the different wastes ideally enhances the efficiency of the operations and quality of the resultant deliverables. These are in fact the key benefits or rather primary goals of lean implementations, which ...

Monsoon Vacation in the Land of Coconuts

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A monsoon vacation in Kerala proves exciting and enjoyable in several ways, if you love the rains and don’t mind getting your feet wet. Exploring the land gets definitely challenging. In worst cases, flooded roads double up as excellent waterways allowing you to cruise along to reach your hotel or a local attraction! This is in ...

Top School ERPs in India

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School ERPs are fast gaining popularity in India with several products with competitive features vying for the attention of educational institutions looking to digitize their operations. As we’ve already seen, unless the objectives /purpose of School ERP implementation are clear and the expectations / requirements well defined, it may get quite difficult to decide on ...

Amazing Sikkim; the Gift of the Himalayas

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Cradled in the lap of the Himalayas, the North Eastern state of Sikkim takes the pride of being one of the most popular and gorgeous places to visit in the entire country. Though the second smallest state in India, it welcomes all its visitors with its astounding beauty, diverse culture, evergreen charm and warm hearted ...

Best Season To Travel Kashmir

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Kashmir is an eternal paradise and a source of pure joy to visitors throughout the year. While it offers a pleasant respite from scorching summer heat elsewhere in the country, it can test the endurance of the most seasoned adventure seeker during peak winters. Special occasions such as Saffron Festival or the Annual Amarnath Pilgrimage ...

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