Adventure Sports in Leh Ladakh

Ladakh, “the pride of India” is one the most travelled tourist destinations in India. People from all over the world travel to Leh Ladakh to experience its alluring beauty, high mountains, high passes and bountiful flora and fauna. Not only this, the place offers numerous wonderful experience of adventure sports like trekking, river rafting, mountaineering, and the tourists. Traditional sports like polo and archery, and camel safaris across the countryside are also available. Leh Ladakh is the hub of adventure sports in the state of Jammu and Kashmir.


Ladakh is one destination that quenches the thirst of all adventure enthusiasts. These adventure sports are indeed a delightful experience en route to Leh Ladakh.

  • Archery :

Archery is a traditional sport of Ladakh. Archery contests are regularly organised in villages and at the National Archery stadium in Leh and are accompanied by widespread celebrations. Watching an archery contests offers an interesting adventure into the cultural life of the people of Ladakh.


  • Camel Safaris :

Bactrian Camels in Ladakh have two humps!

Hence, Ladakh is the only place in India where you can enjoy a camel safari on a camel that has 2 humps not one! Camel safaris are offered across the sand dunes around Hunder district in Ladakh.


  • Polo :

Polo is one the royal games played in Leh Ladakh and is usually played every Tuesday and Saturday in summer on the Leh polo ground. A polo match in Ladakh consists of 20-minute halves and is played in an exhilarating atmosphere with the crowd cheering on both teams with great enthusiasm. Polo tournaments are also organised during the Ladakh Festival held in the month of September.


  • Trekking :

The jagged landscape of Ladakh offers amazing experiences for trekkers and adventure enthusiasts. Trekking is only possible from June to October before the snowfall begins in Leh Ladakh and the main trekking areas in Ladakh are Spituk to Marka Valley and Hemis Gompa via Kongmaru La.


  • Mountaineering :

Ladakh offers tough yet enjoyable mountaineering experiences for the mountaineers. Stok Kangri Peak (6121 m) in Zanskar, Kangyaze Peak (6400 m) to the south east of Leh and the Nunkun Massif road are popular with serious mountaineers. All climbers need to seek consent from the Indian Mountaineering Federation in Delhi, before attempting the ascent of an peak in Ladakh.

Brave climber facing an extreme ice terrain

Brave climber facing an extreme ice terrain

There are many tourist places in Leh Ladakh which have other adventure sports for the tourists as well. So, don’t wait and enjoy your vacations in the chilly winters of the beautiful Leh Ladakh.

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