Advantages of Using My SQL

What is My SQL?

MySQL is an open source database system which is widely used to manage high volume data. A database is a specific application which is used to store specific data. Every website holds a single or multiple APIs used to create, access, manage, and save the individual data it holds. The database is very popular and plays an important role in the development of web application.

Having a relational database system is extremely important to save and manage high volume of data. The information database is stored in the form of tables and My SQL is equipped with these features. Moreover, being an open source it’s easy to create applications with My SQL with zero costs. The system runs on all platforms like- LINUX, UNIX and WINDOWS and My SQL is the standard language used to interact with database.

Here are the top 5 benefits of using My SQL which every Web Development Company in India should know:

  1. Easy to use

My SQL is a platform to create the database, and is an open source Software. SQL (Structure Query Language) Command based query with which you can fetch data in your database. On the other hand, with MY-SQL it’s easy to create tables and insert your data in the table.


  1. Security Based

It allows us to provide securities to encrypt your database and maintain as Database administrator. It can be secure for future use to maintain database as possible.

  1. High Speed

SQL Queries can be used to retrieve large amounts of records from a database quickly and efficiently.

  1. Storage Capacity

Now a day’s every organization has a need to record and maintain their database. Such as Employee name, address, Phone No etc. Hence, My SQL is providing some Commands like DDL (Data definition language) DML (Data manipulation language) and TCL (Transaction Control Language). It also has a huge capacity to store data in tables.

  1. Backup Feature

It supports backing up from all storage engines.  MySQL Enterprise Backup is a backup utility included as part of the MySQL Enterprise subscription from Oracle. A client always has to need to take another copy of your data to store every record with their entity.

  1. Performance driven

Are you wondering the reason behind the high performance of My SQL database? Yes the database server is known for its flawless performance. The server is designed to perform well even in the most demanding applications. It is commonly used in sectors like e-commerce, which receives thousands of queries each day. The system is designed to meet the optimal performance without compromising on speed. However, it is even known for its memory caches and full text indexes, as it significantly contribute in enhanced performance of the system.

  1. Strong transactional database

My SQL is the first choice of developers when they are looking for robust transaction supports. The system is imbibed with features like consistence, durable and multi transactional support, atomic, unlimited row level locking and so on. These exclusive features make it a comprehensive system which is suitable for any solution.


My SQL has been widely renowned database management system which is used in some of the most popular web apps such as WorPress, Facebook, Joomla and Drupal. These were a few features of My SQL that are accompanied in the latest version of the system and can benefit to any business.

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