Additional Moving Services That You Might Need

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Almost all the removal firms provide comprehensive moving services including packing/ unpacking, loading and unloading and transporting. All these services are necessary for a smooth move. But there are some additional moving services that can make your moving experience exciting and stress free. The reputed moving companies like a removal firm known for the best house removals Fulham is also offering additional moving services. Here are some additional moving services that companies offer.



When it comes to packing fragile items, it requires utmost care and attention. Packing is a hectic and tedious task, so by hiring professional packers you can enjoy the entire moving process. Packing of fragile items is difficult because the pieces of art and delicate items don’t fit easily in the standard sized boxes. This is why many moving organizations also offer crating that is custom packing services. They are expert in building custom crates to protect the fragile items and valuable articles. The custom crates can be made of wood or cardboard boxes. The customs-built crates are perfect for packing odd shaped sculptures, art work, delicate pieces, computer and IT equipments.

Disassembling And Reassembling Furniture

Furniture disassembly and reassembly is a quite tough task as it needs  time and hard work. That’s why moving companies also provide professional furniture removal services including disassembling and reassembling furniture. Having experts with expertise, they professionally handle, dismantle and reassemble all the furniture and other bulky items. So, they ensure your safe and secured delivery of your furniture

Appliance Servicing

Some removal firms also offer additional moving services including appliance service. When moving, they disconnect and then connect the electrical appliances at the new house. Just by paying few appliance servicing charges, your electrical appliances will be disconnected or connected again expertly.

Car/Boat Transit

While moving, moving a vehicle with yourself is a big concern. For this purpose, moving companies provide mover services to transport car or other vehicle. Having modern and equipped vehicles, they transport cars and ships. Whether moving to the next town or to the other state, they will move your vehicle safely. They use enclosed trucks and take necessary measures to make sure that the vehicle remain safe and transport at the new place without any damage. Some companies just offer vehicle transport services across the country, whereas some also provide oversea cargo services.

Warehouse handling

The renowned companies like The House Removals known for the best house removals Richmond are also offer warehousing facilities for the convenience of their clients. When moving to a new house or office, people don’t want to take some items with them due to some circumstances. Then they prefer to store their belongings in storage units that are fully secured. Having fully secured and variety of storage units, moving companies provide storage facilities at affordable prices. The rates may vary with the size of storage unit and the duration that how long the belongings are kept in the storage.

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