4 Types of People in a Co-working Space

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It is not an easy job for a co-working operator to maintain a co-working space and to manage the chaos which sometimes a co-working space becomes. Still, I would say they manage to do a good job, at least from what I have seen in popular co-working spaces In Bangalore, Delhi and other metropolitan cities. There are approximately 300 co-working operators in Delhi. One can often wonder what would be the reason for this growth. Well, a co-working space is not just shared office space, although they do serve this purpose to begin with, it’s a platform for individuals to collaborate and work together, to combine their ideas and aspirations. Though there are 100s of people working at a co-working place, most of them are doing these 4 types of activities which I will mention.

Learner- These people take the most advantage of the opportunities available at a co-working space. I had my office space in Noida, there I met Rajat, he was a young web developer which was very keen on learning. Luckily for him, a senior web developer was working there too and Rajat used to continuously ask technical questions from the senior developer and ask for his guidance. So basically he worked as well as grew without even investing a single penny in the learning process.

Recruiter- At a co-working space you will meet a lot of individuals on daily basis, especially if you have the desire to interact with people. Some people take this opportunity of meeting so many hard working individuals and transform into a business opportunity by recruiting people for jobs, co-working space is a great platform to observe hard working people and admire their passion towards their work. It’s a win-win situation for both the parties, as one is getting a diligent employee for their firm and one is getting employment.

Building Connections- While co-working space is a great platform for idea generation, it is also an equally great platform for building some good connections. Building good connections can even lead to referrals for a future position in some company. By building connection you can also collect great professional audience for your future or potential events. You can build good connections at seminars too which are held by Co-working spaces itself and sometimes by outsiders.

Innovation- Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, some co-work spaces are often like accelerators. I have a live example of innovation and collaboration. At my co-working space, two of the android developers who work freelance and have a desk at the 91springboard co-work facility. They both had a similar idea of developing an app, so they decided to collaborate and work together on an app which shared both the people’s methodology.

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