4 Great Features of the Irish Bodhran

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Drums have been in the music industry probably for the longest time any music instrument has been. Their initial use dating back numerous centuries was not even in music. At that time they were used for other purposes like scaring off attacking animals or even sounding war alarms. The very first recorded music instrument became the drum because of every early invention of them. However their versions over the many centuries they have been around have evolved greatly, some don’t even look like the older ancestors of them yet work with very similar principal, they are percussion instruments where a beater is used to beat the thin layer that produces sound or music. Probably the most notable variation of the drum is the Irish Bodhran Drum. From their names it is easy to think they only belong to the Irish music culture, but the modern centralization of almost everything has enabled them to travel around as well and entertain many music lovers across the world. Here are a few top features of the Irish Bodhran.

1: Compactness that Enhances Portability

The more traditional drums used to be bulky and heavy, this made them not suitable for portability, the Bodhran however dealt with this issue in the most effective way possible. The standard Bodhran Drums are about 14 to 18 inches in diameter and their frames are lightweight and not very bulky as well, leaving one side open anyway. The overall weight of the entire instrument is very manageable and their size is not large at all enabling them to carried and played at will of the music lovers. Adding to that, most modern sellers offer them with tightly fitting carry bags, which adds to their portability a great deal as well.

2: Contribution in Various Music Genres

The authentic and realistic music that is produced by the Bodhran is utilized in various forms of music. Traditionally it only used to be Irish classic music and Folk music, but the global reach of music and music instruments has enable them to be used in numerous different genres of music including:

  • Classic Music
  • Contradance Music
  • Folk Music
  • Many forms of Rock Music
  • World Music
  • Stand up Performance Music
  • Wedding Music

This diverse usability of the Irish Bodhran has contributed to the boosted popularity of it and today it has become an important part of many music lover’s arsenal.

3: Easy Learning Opportunity for Novices

Although there are many skill levels involved with the Irish Bodhran, but they are relatively easy to learn for beginners. They can also be played with bare hands, which makes it even easier for the not so skilled in music instruments. Then are being utilized in many forms of entertainment music including stand-up performance in a group or even solo. This enhances their appeal and learners of all ages can practice them at public places like parks or cafes. Their compactness adds to this as well, enabling them to be carried and played at whatever location the need is. Once beginners get easy with the instrument, they can then focus on polishing their skills.

4: Ready Availability Everywhere

The enhanced popularity of music and music instruments in the past few decades has increased the number of sellers of the Bodhran, nowadays it is very easy to find Irish Bodhran for Sale at music stores in town centers and high streets across the world. The competition has also decreased their price and has enabled music lovers to find Irish Bodhran for Sale even easier. Adding to that there are numerous sellers of music instruments on the internet in the modern internet centric world as well. Music lovers also have the option to Buy Bodhran Online from a large number of online seller who sell them at even cheaper rates because of worldwide competition. Regardless of how music lovers are planning to buy the instrument, from stores of Buy Bodhran Online, they have to verify the authenticity of the sellers and quality of the product they are about to pay for.


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